Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The latest on Christie and Kyle Huggins

Our dear friends Kyle and Christie (whom I have mentioned before on here) have a great message that was posted on their Caring Bridge website yesterday, here is what it said (This was sent yesterday):

Good news... Blake and Lauren have arrived. That's right. Christie started having contractions last night but they subsided. However,they started again this morning on the way to Vandy for a checkup. The doctor's found that she was 2 cm dilated and moved her into labor and delivery. They scheduled the C-section for 2:30pm. At 3:09pm Blake arrived and Lauren followed shortly there after at 3:11pm. Lauren weighed 4 lbs 13 ozs and Blake was a little over 5 1/2 lbs. We haven't got a definitive weight yet b/c he was immediately transferred over to the Children's Hospital. We also haven't heard word on the lengths,but we will update them when we know and have access to a computer again. I am currently at Children's waiting on the doctors to update me on Blake's status. But as of now, things look as expected. He is breathing on his own in spite of his heart medicine, which is good news. So right now, it is a good prognosis. Lauren is doing wonderful. She doesn't have to go to the NICU and is in the well baby nursery. Christie is going GREAT! She is having a little nausea after the C-section, but so far, she has done better than expected. Thank you all for your prayers and your continued prayers. We will continue to update through the coming days. We love you all! Kyle

And I also received word last night that Blake is going in for heart surgery on Friday morning. I ask you all to pray for this family. And I will keep you updated!