Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Easter Egg Hunt

We had our once a month Toddler Toes Playdate today at Park Springs park in Bentonville. It was a beautiful day. The high was somewhere around 70 degrees today! We all got the kids together and let them run around and hunt for some easter eggs. I tell ya, it is hard to let two kids run after eggs! I couldn't keep up with both of them to take pictures and Ariel had never done this before so she needed my help so I decided to just keep close to Ariel and let Caleb just GO!! Well I was so wrapped up in helping Ariel that when I looked over at Caleb, he was sitting in the grass with three eggs looking inside them while all the other kids were running around getting all the eggs. I asked him why he was sitting and he said that he wanted candy....NOW! I told him that if he didn't get up and go find more eggs then that was all the candy he was getting. So he got up and found some more...silly boy!

I begged Caleb to come and get in this picture with Ariel and I and he just wouldn't do it. Good thing I will be getting some easter pictures of the whole family done in about a week!

She found an egg!
Caleb sitting while all the other kids were hunting!
The first picture I have of my kids holding hands. Caleb always has this face like this in the pictures when I ask him to say cheese. You can almost hear him saying it through the picture!

Just kicking back with Mommy! Sweet girl!
Caleb and his stick. He wanted to hunt eggs with it as his basket was hanging off the end. I thought he would have ended up hunting little kids instead of eggs if I let him run around with it.
Looks like she is trying to sneak it in her basket. She did really well, I think she ended up getting about 6 eggs and Caleb got 8 or so!