Thursday, October 02, 2008

Caleb's Chapel devotion October 1, 2008

Each Wednesday at school Caleb has Chapel with Pastor Loy. Yesterday their devotion was on "Mittens and Gloves". Pastor Loy sent home a sheet of paper that explains what he taught them. This is what he wrote...

Since today was the first day of October and in this month, some people start wearing gloves, today for our chapel devotion, the students and I talked about mittens and gloves. We discussed how mittens and gloves can keep our hands warm. They can be very pretty and soft. They can also help us do certain things- like work gloves or baseball gloves or batting gloves or doctor's gloves.

I brought one of my puppets, Adam, with me. When I put my hand inside Adam's head, it fir like a glove. And then my hand could make Adam's mouth open and close and look like he was talking. In Ecclesiates 9:10, God tells us, "Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might." The jobs we do later in life may find our hands in many different kinds of gloves, but whatever we are doing, we should do with an attitude of following God and helping other people.

They ended with a prayer thanking God for our hands and asking God to help us always to use our hands to do good things and help other people.