Monday, April 13, 2009

Visiting Granny

During Caleb's spring break we went to visit Dan's mom in Harrison. We were able to hide Easter eggs and spend some time together swinging and playing outside. We even went to the park and met Beth, Alison and Ryan Weddle there and fed the ducks. It was great to get away from our house for two days!

Caleb loved pushing and twirling Ariel in the swing. They giggled so much it was contagious. There was actually a funny story behind this picture. Ariel is plugging her nose because a couple of acres away from Granny's house, they were laying down chicken litter to fertilize their field and it stunk. She had it plugged for a few minutes but it didn't stop her from twirling around in her swing!Playing on the gate at the barn. They think that Grandad put the "monkey bars" there just for them!

We went to the Harrison city park...

Here is Caleb sliding down the pole!

My little teeter totters...and Alison too!

Beth, Alison and Ryan.

Ariel and her classic smile!

and this one too...thought it was kinda funny!

Feeding the ducks!