Saturday, May 02, 2009

My Kitchen

I have been reading a blog written by a sweet girl named Kelly. She has started a new Home Tour on Fridays and this week it was Kitchens! Here is a link to her blog...over 200 people have posted their kitchens to her blog. So go take a look...well after you read mine of course!

About a year and a half ago, Dan and I sold our 1930's home in Bentonville that we completely is a slideshow of our old house before and after renovations...I thought I had a picture of just my kitchen alone but I think it's on Dan's laptop and he has it with him today...I may try to upload one later.

Needless to say I REALLY miss our old house....but we had to move on and as long as I can still cook for my family, it's ALL GOOD, especially since I love to cook so much!

We bought a duplex on the other side of town in October of 2007 and we live in one side and rent out the other. We were VERY pleased with the lay out of the duplex and it has plenty of space of all of us. Ultimatley we want to build a house and we are hoping in two or three years we will be able to do that. All this being is my kitchen now!

We are actually in the process of doing a few updates. We have a new light fixture for the kitchen area to get rid of the flourescent that is in there now and we are going to paint it this pretty green color (the one in the middle).

I think everyone has a "keep all" area in their kitchen...well here is mine, it even includes jelly beans that shouldn't be there...oops!

I got these canisters for a wedding gift and absolutely love them. They are made by a potter named Vicki Carroll and the pattern is called "sil vu plait".

This is the "toy" cabinet. The kids keep their toys in here when they aren't all over the living room floor!

And this is where our home computer is kept...along with receipts and things that need to filed (but never do!)

And one of my paintings that I did back in 2003. I love it but it doesn't have a name!

Well there's my kitchen! Thanks for looking!


Angie Seaman said...

Very pretty kitchen. Love it! Also see that you sew and take pictures. We have a lot in common. I design childrens clothing and womens jewelry and am a photographer as well. Always so fun to run across someone with the same passions. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Found you thru Kelly's blog. :)

Blessings, Angie Seaman (blog) (website) (photography blog)

The Haymans said...

Love your kitchen!!! Thanks for sharing!

Crystal said...

Love your kitchen. The green will look great!

Martha said...

Beautiful kitchen! I love the counter tops...Thanks for sharing!

Let'sMakeADifference said...

what a beautiful kitchen! thanks for sharing!

Ashley said...

So fun, your kitchen is beautiful!!! Hope you are well! ;)