Monday, June 01, 2009

It has been a while since I have blogged so I thought I would say hello. Things have been really busy around here. I made 6 aprons last week, Caleb had his last day of preschool last Thursday, Casey hosted a garage sale at her house and I made $170 (sold the crib and the high chair...we officially have NO baby items in the house...that is a big step!), I had two birthday parties to attend within three days of each other, I took Ariel to Ainsley's dance recital on Saturday night, AND I worked in the yard all day yesterday after church. Things just don't slow down around here!

Since Caleb is out of school now, I am going to really try to make it a habit of following through and getting my housework done before 9:30 every morning so that I have the rest of the day to spend with the kids. The movie theater is offering $2.00 movies on Tuesday and Wednedays and the splash park is always a big hit so I am sure we will take advantage of those!

I also got a list from one of my friends of activities that she does with her 7 kids each summer. Yes...7 wonder she made a list! I am sure she won't mind me sharing!

Sunny Day Activities

1. Swimming Pool
2. Picnic Lunch
3. Walk Lake Bella Vista Trail
4. Walk Memorial park Trail
5. Walk Tanyard Creek Trail
6. Prairie Creek Beach
7. Hobbs Park Trail
8. Natural Dam Trail
9. Tulsa Zoo
10. Safari Zoo
11. War Eagle Caverns
12. Crater of Diamond’s State Park
13. Play in the sand
14. Water gun/balloon fight
15. Bubbles
16. Sidewalk chalk
17. Baseball game
18. Kickball game
19. Play ground at school
20. Outdoor fun Olympics
21. Vacation Bible School
22. Devil’s Den State Park
23. Rummage Sale
24. Lemonade Stand
25. Bike Ride

Rainy Day Activities

1. Roger’s Museum
2. Bentonville Library
3. Make homemade play dough and Play
4. Puzzles
5. Board Games
6. Card games
7. Inside Fort/tent
8. Coloring
9. Scrap-booking
10. Reading
11. Organize Bedrooms
12. Build with blocks
13. Jones Center Ice skating
14. Jones Center Swimming
15. Baking cupcakes and decorating them.
16. Teach sewing
17. Craft projects
18. Play instruments
19. Make a movie

Some of these I obviously can't do yet (like teach sewing) since my kids are still too young but I think it's great that she made a list to share with her friends! It's better to keep the kids occupied rather than just sitting them in front of the TV!

I have also been trying (once again) to get this baby weight off (well I guess I should call it Toddler weight since she is not a baby anymore!) I have managed to lose 6 pounds since the beginning of May. I have 6 more I would like to lose.

Summer is coming quickly and my schedule is full already. VBS is starting next week all week long and I will be volunteering my time for that. I am going to Branson with my best friend (Shannon) from high school next weekend for two nights and then the same weekend I will be floating the buffalo with the family. Caleb's birthday is on the 18th (HE WILL BE FIVE!!!) and we will be celebrating it on the 20th with his friends here at the house. Summer Freedom rehearsal starts this week for church and that is on Sunday, June 28th followed by fireworks at the crosses and Dan will be taking Caleb to a Naturals game that day as well. Then I am sure that the next week my cousin Allison (she's from Dallas and she'll be 18 on July 7th) will come and stay a few days. She likes to come on the 4th and go to Dan's parents and ride 4-wheelers and canoe...but who wouldn't!!? Then I will be taking her back home to Dallas with the kids and I will stay in Dallas for a while. It's funny because I always say I am only going to stay 7 days and I end up staying for 9 or 10. Allison's mom (my aunt) is a teacher so she gets the summers off so it is nice to have a change of scenery for a while and we always have a great time. While we are in Dallas I am sure that we will go to a few museums and water parks and to the zoo...should be a blast for the kids.

I think I need to stick to my promise and go get the house clean, I think today is going to be a "pool on the back deck" day! I will try to get some updated pictures up later!


Tiffany said...

That list is awesome! There is some good info. If she manages 7 kids she must be an amazing organizer. :)

Mandy said...

Good ideas! Hey, do you want Ariel to come play during Caleb's party? I didn't know if you'd want her to celebrate with you, but if not maybe we could make a special day for the girls at my house. Just let me know!

Amber said...

What a fun summer you have planned! That is a wonderful list of activities! Thanks for sharing!