Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Snaggle Tooth

Caleb had a loose tooth since his birthday (June 18th) and he had wiggled that thing until it was almost ready to come out and then stopped.  I was really good about checking it everyday to see how wiggly it was getting and didn't check for three days until yesterday.  I noticed that his new tooth was starting to come through behind the loose one (top picture).  I knew that wasn't ideal and that loose tooth had to come out! 

 So Dan and I laid him down on my lap while laying on the couch.  I numbed his gums really good with some baby orajel and Dan pulled on it a few times and wasn't budging.  He decided to give it one last big tug and out it came!  Caleb was squeezing my hand through the whole process and was a bit teary and starting crying during the last tug, I think because of all the pressure that Dan was putting on the other teeth while tugging.  Once Dan and I told him that it was out he was giggling through the tears!  He said he couldn't believe it!  He ran straight to the bathroom and rinsed his mouth out and just smiled from ear to ear!   

 I had made this little box to put his tooth in with this little red pouch,  You can see his tiny little tooth on the red pouch! 

 The tooth fairy was VERY generous since this was his first tooth! 

Dan had his chest puffed up a little bit afterwards.  He said that he was so glad he was able to not only teach his boy to ride a bike this summer but to also be able to pull his first tooth!  I think he is proud of his boy...and so am I!


Steven said...

5 Bucks? I grabbed the wrong bill. Can I get some change?

The Tooth Fairy

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