Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Extreme Spring Weather

This spring we have had the most extreme weather EVER!  At times it has been very scary and deadly.  On Sunday, May 24th a deadly F5 Tornado swept right through the heart of Joplin Missouri.  It killed over 120 people and left the town in shambles.  That evening and also two days later, our family was taking cover for our lives as tornados were popping up left and right.  It is scary not knowing what God has in store, but his hands are there to protect us and not to tear us down.  I am thankful for my church in helping Joplin out through this time.  There is so much cleaning up and rebuilding that needs to be done.  With Joplin only being an hour away, it makes it easier to send teams up there from our church once a week to help out where needed.  Below are some other photos of the devestation from Joplin and also from our neck of the woods. 

The kids read books while taking shelter from the storms. 

This was not a tornado but these clouds looked super scary!

We had significant amounts of flooding as well!