Friday, October 28, 2011

Anniversary Day Trip

Since Dan and I took our 10 year anniversary trip to Vegas during the summer, we decided to take it easy on our Anniversary weekend.  He had a whole day trip planned.  My mom came over and watched the kids all day long.  We drove to Joplin and went to the amazing place!  It's called Sandstone Gardens.  Basically it is a HUGE mansion filled with beautiful interiors and artificial plants and fountains.  They also had a Bistro there and it had the BEST bistro food I have EVER had!  We even got chocolate cake afterward! 
The front of Sandstone Gardens.

Would LOVE to have one of these some day! 

 After we left Sandstone Gardens we went to the destruction area where the Tornado hit in Joplin.  It was all cleaned up obviously but I was still so amazed at all the destruction and to be able to see how incredibly large that tornado must have been was insane!  

We left Joplin and took a drive to Eureka.  The trees were AMAZING!!!  We picked the perfect day to take a drive.  

10 Years!  We still look great together! 
In Eureka we walked around the shops and then went and had dinner at Marcela's.  It was the perfect date!