Friday, November 03, 2006

Another Blog!!

I don't know why it seems as though I always start these blogs and never add to them. I guess that is what happens when you are taking care of a two year old and now a newborn. I have had a few of you ask how life has been since little Ariel has been added to our family so I will use this site to update you all almost everyday. I hope you enjoy reading how amazing God has been in expanding our family.

Ariel has had a gookey left eye since she was 5 days old and I have been treating it with some ointment all week, not sure if it is working but I hope it goes away soon.

Caleb loves to help me change Ariel's diapers. He likes to hand me wipes and then take one for himself and help me clean around the house. He will wipe anything from mirrors (which of couse I have to clean back over because all it does is streak the glass!) to the bottom of shoes. If only I could get him to be that diligent in helping mommy scrub toilets!!