Monday, November 06, 2006

Never a Dull Moment

On Saturday night I gave Caleb and Ariel their first bath together. Caleb loved helping me wash her with the washcloth and helped me with the soap.

After their bath, I fed Ariel and she ended up throwing up everything that I gave her. I was really concerned because Caleb had never done that before when he was little. I wasn't sure if I was supposed to feed her again right after she had gotten sick but I didn't want her to get dehydrated. So I fed her again then went to bed. That night when I put her in her bassinet right next to the bed I heard her gasp for air and get chocked up a few times in the night. It scared me to death, so I ended up putting her in bed with me just so I could hear her breathe all night.

On Sunday morning she was really congested but we all still went to church. It was her first time to go to our church. This is her in her church outfit that Leigh Fox and Christie Huggins got her. Bless her heart, I think I caught her in the middle of a sneeze in this picture but I was literally running out the door with both kids in tow when I took it.

She did really well at church. It was our last Sunday in our temporary building that we had been in for 5 years. We had a luncheon at the new building after church service was over. The building is beautiful! We all got to walk around and take a tour of the new facilities and Pastor led us in praise and worship songs in the new Worship Center.

When we all got home, Caleb and Ariel both went down for a nap and I had to get my house cleaned up for our Connection Group that meets in our house every Sunday night. This a very bad picture of the kids that are in the connection group with Caleb. Olivia is in the black and Allison is in the blue...they were all munching on some apples!

Since we have an upstairs in our house that we use for Caleb's play room, we try to have a babysitter come each week when we meet so that we won't have to drive all the way to church to drop off the kids. It is so nice having all the kids here...that is, as long as we have a babysitter!

Ariel was still not feeling well last night so I ended up calling the pediatrician on call to see if there was anything else I could do for her except aspirate her nose and give her saline drops. She recommended using the humidifier over night and also getting in a hot steamy bathroom with her for 10 minutes. We tried those things and she still woke up congested this morning.

I ended up calling Dr. Hill and we went in to see if there was anything else that was underlying that we were missing. Right before we walked out the door, Ariel threw up again all over me and her. Dr. Hill checked her ears twice to make sure that there wasn't an infection in them and they were all clear. She ended up telling me that it was just a viral infection and she may have a touch of the stomach bug that is going around. I just hope that the small bought of diarrhea that Caleb had last week is all the will accumulate with him...I don't want both my kids sick. So, we are just praying that Ariel's virus will go away as we continue to treat her with the aspirator, steamy bathroom and the humidifier. Oh the joys of parenting!


Anonymous said...

Katie, We are praying for Ariel and Caleb that they are both healed in Jesus' name. And we pray for sweet sleep for all of you tonight. Love, Papa and Gammaboo