Saturday, April 07, 2007

6 Months Already!

Brother and Sister
Look at that orange nose from her sweet potatoes!
Sitting at the highchair playing with some fruit puffs...she doesn't know to eat them yet.
She looks a lot like Caleb sleeping here.
Ariel is 6 months old today. She is still not sitting up on her own. She doesn't seem like she is any hurry either. She will sit in the corner of the couch with the boppy behind her and play but when it comes to sitting on her own, she still falls forward and gets in what they call the tripod where her hands are straight in front of her and she is bending over while sitting.

She is eating fruit (usually pears) in the morning for breakfast and is also eating a veggie (carrots, sweet potatoes or squash...which leaves her nose orange as you can see in the pictures!) for dinner mixed with rice cereal. I am trying to introduce the sippy cup to her with a little bit of juice to help her digestive system. She gives us this huge "bitter beer" face when she is drinking it since it is so diluted with water and just a hint of juice.

She is still sleeping great at night. I usually get her to sleep by nursing her around 9:00 and she will usually sleep until around 4 or 5 am nurse again and then wake up sometime around 8:00. She still is not taking the pacifier a whole lot. I do have it near by just in case because sometimes she will take it and it is usually the moments when I need her to take it the most.

Still no teeth yet. I have felt a little bump on her lower gum for the past few weeks and she tends to be a little bit fussy when she is chewing on her toys here lately. She still drools like crazy but she has done that for months.

Overall she is still just the happiest baby ever. Still doesn't cry much unless I walk away from her and then when I look back at her and say "Whatcha crying for?" she will just give me the biggest grin ever. She is a joy to have! And big brother loves her to pieces!