Saturday, April 07, 2007

Hunting Easter Eggs in 35 Degree Weather

The First Baptist Church at Springdale had an annual Easter egg hunt today. They are the sister church to the Church at Pinnacle Hills that we attend. I am sure that when they planned for this Easter egg hunt that it was 70-80 degrees outside like it was a week and a half ago but today the high was around 35! We went ahead and took Caleb and Ariel and we met with our connection group from church since we will not be having group tomorrow night. We had a great time considering the temperature. I bundled Ariel up as much as I could and just left her in the stroller the whole time so that she would stay as warm as possible. They had free hot dogs, chips, cookies and drinks. They also had 5 or 6 inflatables for the kids to play on. Needless to say, Caleb took a great nap this afternoon along with Ariel...they both slept for over two hours at the same time!

And they're off! Caleb was so disappointed to see all the kids picking up all the eggs that he was trying to run for. He almost cried at one point but Dan went with him and held his hand and they were able to get 2 whole eggs out of hundreds that were on the ground. He was happy about the two that he got though!

There he is in the red coat and navy blue hoodie...scoping out some eggs! And there's Olivia in the pink.
We got two eggs Mommy!
There they are...what a big basket for two whole eggs!