Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sorry it has been a while since I have updated but this past week was really busy. Here are some updated pictures.

This is a new place that Caleb and Ariel like to play. It's the linen closet upstairs. They will just sit in there with Caleb's flashlight, kick on the door and giggle. It's too cute. I don't mind them in there as long as all my blankets don't fall down on top of them!
A couple weeks ago I brought the picnic table from outside and placed in the house so that the kids would have a place to color on and eat snacks. It's actually more like a jungle gym! They stand on top of it all the time and I think I have chosen to stop getting on to them when they are on the table. It can't hurt them as long as they aren't standing on it...right?? You choose your battles I guess and this is just one that I am exhausted at fighting.

And then below is Caleb doing his "Lil K" act that he does almost daily. He loves "Lil K" so much that he looks forward to going to church every Wednesday. If you are not familiar with what "Lil K" is then you can click here to learn more and then click on the "Lil K" tab.

Some of the things Caleb says in this video you can't make out (since he is showing off for the camera!) so his dialogue is below!

"The fruit of the spirit is love and joy"

"The Holy Spirit came as Jesus Promised"

"The Angels see your wings"??? not sure where he got that from but it was cute!

"The Angels said do not be afraid, Jesus is alive!"