Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day

Yesterday, I took the kids to Caleb's best friend Ashlyn's Birthday Party. They had a blast playing on Ashlyn's new trampoline. We had a wonderful lunch and cake from Carbajal Bakery...WAY better than Rick's in my opinion...Shannon, Ashlyn's mom always get her cakes from there and they are SO delicious! Dan stayed back at the house to get prepared for his parents to come and help build the fence. By the time the kids and I got back to the house, Dan and his dad had already started putting the pickets up.

After the kids jumped on Granny (literally) for about an hour or so, Dan's mom (Rita) and I put them down for a nap and sat on the back deck (I LOVE IT) and sipped on tea and watched the guys work. They worked super fast. They got both privacy fences done by 8:30!!!

Rita, the kids and I went to Wal-Mart and got some flowers to go on the back deck, and also got pizza for dinner. She also paid for a full tank of gas for the van....SO nice of her to do that! After dinner, Dan's parents took Caleb home with them until Friday. It will be a nice break to only have Ariel.

I am planning on getting tons done! I have two paintings that I want to get done for Ariel's room, my friend Casey is having a garage sale this weekend so I need to go through everything and get prepared for that, I have two meals that I need to cook this week for my friends who had babies last week, I would like to spend some time with my friend Shannon since her girls are out of town with the grandparents as well, I need to go to Fayetteville and meet my friend Kara for lunch and give her her announcements that I have yet to make for her (ooops! guess I need to do that, too!), I would like to go out with my sweet husband, oh and my friend Patricia is coming in town with her husband from Chicago on Friday and I will be driving them to Eureka for a wedding that she is in. Wow...that's a lot to accomplish.

I don't have pictures of the deck and fence yet since it is raining so I will try to get some soon! Oh and the ebay and craiglist didn't pay off the first time for my paintings. I have a listing on ebay again so we will see!


Amber said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing pictures of your deck and new fence! What a fun week with just Ariel, but it sounds like you will be busy! My brother is moving to Fayetteville soon, so hopefully we can come visit you one of these days! Glad your weekend was nice!