Sunday, August 03, 2008


This morning the kids got up at 8:00 which was nice since we don't all get to sleep in these days. We had breakfast together and then I started getting ready for church. I let the kids play with my necklaces and bracelets while I got ready and they had a blast. I hardly ever let them play with them since I heard a horror story of a little girl that got strangled from getting her necklace caught on a doorknob while playing.

Dan took a picture of me doing Ariel's hair for church.

And then one with both kids.

When we came home from church, Dan happend to look out of the corner of his eye and saw this huge turtle. We figured he came from the field across the street to get in the shade since today it broke 100 degrees.

And a picture of Ariel...I tried to take one of Caleb but...well...he was not cooperative!


Amber said...

Those pictures are beautiful! We had a great time visiting with your family Saturday night! Thanks again!

amywelborn said...

Love the new pics! Your family is so photogenic!

Unknown said...

Hi Katie,

What??? Is that a 'Bluetooth' on Caleb's ear as he's watching the turtle? Now that he's 4 years old he must be Mr. Mundobizarrotechnohead!!!

Love you guys,