Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Update on first day of school...and Ariel made a milestone too!

This morning I went to the gym...third time this week thank you very much (I had been slacking and sleeping in a lot!) and then came home and got the kids ready to take Caleb to school. He had a great day yesterday. He didn't take much of a nap but he did lay down and rest. He had homework last night...can you believe it? We had to decorate his traced hand on a sheet of paper with stickers, markers and we even got the glitter out too! He enjoyed meeting new friends and was VERy eager to go back today!

While Caleb was at school yesterday, I spent a lot of my time on the computer getting my new website up and going. You can view it here. This site is great because it allows people from all over the world to see it without having to advertise and unlike ebay, you don't bid on it and it stays up for four months or until someone buys it!

Caleb has also been learning to ride his bike and we let him ride for a bit every evening when it cools off. He is getting pretty good at it. After the kids played outside last night we brought them in to give them their bath/shower. Caleb takes showers now and Ariel takes a bath...both in seperate bathrooms now since Ariel thinks it's fun to point and play at Caleb's anatomy! Anyway...Ariel likes to sit on the potty while I get her water temp just right, so she did like she always does and then she got up and said "Pee Pee Potty?" and I said "Yes, that is where you go pee pee." And I looked down and she HAD ACTUALLY PEED IN THE POTTY!!!! I was SOOOO happy for her. We jumped up and down, clapped our hands and shouted "YAY, for pee pee in the potty!" I tried letting her go without panties for about 30 min today and she ended up having an accident, we will keep trying though!

Ok back to this morning. As soon as I dropped Caleb off at school I came home and started vacuuming and cleaning out my van. Ariel has recently created a fear of the shopvac since over the weekend she pushed the green "on" button on it and it came on....I have never seen her run so fast to me was quite funny! So I thought that I would let her play in the garage while I vacuum since I was sure that she didn't want to be in the van with me while the vacuum was making its loud noise. Well, I started vacuuming and Ariel comes walking up to me with the dark stuff on her hands. I turn off the vacuum and realize that it is paint on her hands. She of course had this nice boutique outfit on and I automatically grabbed her hands and we rushed to the bathroom. I tried to wash it off with water and soap but it just made a bigger mess...It was oil based paint! So, I tell Ariel to stand at the sink and just leave her hands in the water. I rushed to the kitchen to get some paper towels and then to the garage to get some paint thinner and after 3 trips to the paint thinner can I finally got it all off of her...and the sink!

Where did the paint come from you ask? Well Dan has been repainting a used tile saw in garage, I apparently thought that he had been using spray paint all this time but he had also been using a roller and he left it out accidently and Ariel automatically went straight to it. She surprisingly didn't get ANY on her dress...thank goodness!

Well my laundry just beeped gotsta go!