Saturday, November 22, 2008

Breakin out the Humidifier

Ariel woke up yesterday with a horrible cough. She sounds like a dog barking when she's terrible. She has been feeling fine rather than that and has run a very low 99.3 low. So I am not sure what is going on with her. Last night before bed, I gave her some Triamic cough and some Motrin and then put peppermint essential oil on the bottom of her feet and on her chest. Then I got the humidifier from the top of her closet and put some peppermint oil in it as well. It smelled SO good in her room last night! Dan called her his little peppermint!

She slept great through the night. She has been doing this odd thing though. She will get up in the middle of the night and go and lay down in the hallway. She doesn't really make any noise, I only know she is doing it because her bear has a rattle in it that I can hear. She has even fallen asleep once when she did that, and we weren't sure how long she had been asleep! It's weird! Anyway, she did that once last night and that was all, and woke up this morning sounding a little better. I hope she is better by in the morning because Dan and I are supposed to work childcare in the morning.

Dan and I are dancing in the Christmas Dinner Theater this year. We have had multi practices every saturday morning for the past three weeks. My mom has been watching the kids for us, it has been nice to have some time with Dan in a different way...we don't dance together at all so this is a treat! Today we actually did the practice on stage and I felt lost most of the time. I only hope and pray that I can get it down by the 8th...which is opening night!

My mom and I went to Linens and Things to see about their going out of business sale. I would have figured that there would have been more on clearance but they only had 20% off most of their items. My mom bought me a set of Queen size egyptian cotton sateen 540 count sheets with two bonus pillowcases for $54.00...I thought that was an incredible deal! I won't be able to sleep on them until after christmas since that was my christmas gift from her but I am still excited about it!! It will make getting out of the bed at 5:45 to go to the gym even harder once the first of the year comes around!

Dan and I borrowed Casey and William Lewallen's Wii last night...I am feeling it call my name so I think I am going to go play some Mario Kart! Thanks Casey for letting us borrow it!


Bridget said...

Thats yucky on Aerial I hope she feels better soon. That is crazy that Linens and Things doesnt have things marked down cheaper you can get 20% off there all the time :) hopefully they see the light soon.

Those sheets are nice we get ours from Sams Club I cant remember what thread count but very nice.