Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Love Letters from My Sweet Boy

Caleb has been so sweet lately. He will leave me random love notes in various places and insists on doing this daily! He is doing a great job at writing and has only asked me once or twice how to spell "you" the rest of the words he sounds out and tries his best! I only hope and pray that this sincerity lasts!

This one nearly sent me to tears. He said that it was he and I bowling together...there are two bowling lanes, one red and one blue (this is the wii bowling game I am assuming) and the people that he drew were hilarious with smiley face stickers and the ears on each side. He said he was the blue (he ALWAYS wants to be blue because blue gets to pick which sport to play). And at the top it says " Caleb (in stickers) Cole. I love you. to mom. dear (der) m (guess he got distracted and forgot the "om" on the end of mom!) I think I have a serious artist on my hands...and I couldn't be happier!!

This one says "Dear mom"

And on the inside is says, "Caleb Cole. I love you. I belong to you. dear mom. I love you"


Traci Fritz said...

How stinkin' PRECIOUS!!!!

Ashley said...

So sweet, Oh how I long for those days! ;) Have a blessed weekend!

amywelborn said...

sniff, sniff, sweet is that!!!!