Thursday, September 03, 2009

It's Soccer Time!!

Caleb started soccer for the first time this season. Our schedule has gotten pretty full but we are still managing good family time each week and are eating at least 4 meals a week at our family table that was my only goal!!!

It has taken Caleb a little while to adjust to liking soccer. He kept saying that it was too hard and that the other kids kept taking the ball away from him. Dan has been trying to coach him through it though and he had his first game on Tuesday. He did rather well for being a 5 year old...there were lots of staring off in space moments, fiddling with his shirt, coming off the field while on the clock to talk to us, potty breaks, drinks of water...ya know the typical kid things. But he said that he had fun and wanted to go back. I think next game I will make him rest a while before the game, maybe that will make things a little easier for him!!

Dan had remembered this picture of when he played his first year of soccer. Is this not the cutest thing ever!?
Coach and his team
GO CALEB!!! He was going the wrong way bless his heart!!
Just taking a break!
Way to run with the team!
Pushing the ball up!


Amber said...

Wonderful blog updates! I'm so glad Caleb is enjoying soccer...such a cute picture of him next to his dad when he was little!