Thursday, September 03, 2009

Lunch with Caleb at School

For some reason blogger won't let me move pictures around anymore?? Anyone know why?

Caleb and Malea...Caleb's friend from church that goes to the same school as him.

Dan and I had lunch with Caleb at school last Thursday while Ariel was at Ainsley's house for a play date. It was a great opportunity to see some of his friends and to meet a few of his teachers. He absolutely loved having us sit with him at the special table that they provide for the parents. It was also a great time for him to be introduced to the school lunches. I had previously been making his lunch everyday for school but once he found out that they serve a lot of his favorite food (hot dogs (on wheat bun), quesadillas, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, pepperoni pizza, etc.) he was actually excited about eating hot lunches at school. They also provide fruit and carrots with ranch (which he loves) and skim chocolate milk. It makes me very happy to see that he isn't so picky anymore, even though he does tend to get out of eating my meals in the evening still, just because I don't feed him the foods that he loves, like those stated above!!


Unknown said...

Make sure when uploading picture to check "none" on Choose a layout... Hope that fixes the problem. =)

Your kids are too cute!