Friday, December 23, 2011

Dessert at Great Granny's

On Caleb's last day of school before Christmas break, we took him and Ariel to meet Granny (Dan's mom)  at our normal meeting spot.  They stayed two nights with them and went and saw the lights at Silver Dollar City and had some good Grandad and Granny time.  Dan and I went out to dinner on Wednesday night and were able to assemble some gifts for Christmas while the kids were away and I had a few friends over on Thursday night for some good girl time.  I went shopping with my mom on Friday to get some last minute gifts.  Then Dan and I went to Harrison after he got off of work and we went straight to Great Granny Phyllis' house for a dessert get together.  There were tons of sweet things to eat, we sang a few Christmas Carols and just enjoyed some family time.

Rita (Dan's mom), Phyllis (Dan's Granny) and Gail (Dan's Aunt)

Ariel even did her KREW dance for the family.

Dan's mom and dad put him on the spot and asked him to the "rabbit dance" for the kids and they got a kick out of it.