Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Dance Day and School Photo

Today was Dance Day with Ariel. After she got dressed in her leotard she said "I am an olive today because I am dressed all in black. I hope Daddy doesn't eat me!". The things those sweet kids say!

During dance, I took Ariel's picture with her friend Hannah. It amazes me how much these girls have grown!

This evening the kids are watching videos on YouTube about money. This all stemmed from Caleb making paper money at TREC today. Little do they know that money will someday be very different than what it is today!

Oh and today we got Caleb's 2nd grade photos from school. I made it a point when Caleb got in school that I wouldn't purchase photos of the kids each year since I take so many photos of them anyway. Next year I will purchase Ariel's kindergarten photos and Caleb's 3rd grade photos.