Wednesday, March 28, 2012

White Elephant Exchange

About a year ago I took some photos for a lady named Tresa Oldham, her sweet daughter Karolynn, her daughter in law Christy and her grand-daughter Andi. Tresa decided to take on a new venture and started a new franchise here in Benton, Washington and also Pulaski counties called White Elephant Exchange. It's a consignment sale much like Rhea Lana and June Bugs. She had asked me to help her with a few marketing pieces so she could use my photos in some ads and on her website an she also wanted me to take photos during the sale. I gladly helped her and in exchange she let me use a space in her ad in Peekaboo Magazine and also let me use a booth at her sale for a pretty incredible price. I also consigned about 60 items in her sale and made made about $100. Pretty good deal all around. Tresa had a very successful sale and wants me to continue to work with her in the future!