Thursday, February 15, 2007

Horse Racing at Connection Group

We have our Connection Group on Sunday nights and we try to keep the kids upstairs with a babysitter while the parents stay down stairs. This last Sunday our babysitter was unable to be there so I went up there to watch the kids. There was only three of them...Caleb, Ariel and Olivia so it was pretty easy.

To keep the kids entertained, they rode on the rocking horses for what seemed like forever. They had such a good time! Then Olivia discovered that the saddle on the brown horse was "broken" (it was actually just unsnapped) so Caleb went over to his tool bench and said "We need to fix it!" He got the hammer and the screwdriver and the Olivia got the nails (which she called batteries) and then together they fixed the horse and then started riding together again!