Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Celebrating Caleb's Birthday...one more time!

Blowing out the candles

Aunt Amy showing him how to make a 3 with his fingers. He has his own way of doning things and insists that his way is the correct way.
Play with Papa and Gamma Boo's Noah's Ark
Caleb and Ariel in the tent with the sleeping bag
For dinner tonight, Caleb insisted that we have Papa Murphy's Pizza with ranch and chocolate cupcakes for dessert. Dan's sister (Amy) was unable to make it to Caleb's birthday party so she came up from Fayetteville to have dinner with us. We all ate the pizza, sand happy birthday and he blew out three candles and then we opened gifts. Caleb sill hadn't opened my dad's gift that him and Les sent so he opened that and he also opened Amy's gift. My dad and Les got him a wooden Noah's Ark set with a book that goes with it. It is perfect because not only does he love to play with all the animals but it goes great in his room as a display when it is not being played with. Amy got him a blue urban cammo tent and sleeping bag set. It's got the sleeping bag, tent, flashlight, dog tags, water bottle, and a compass! HE LOVED IT! He even loved it so much that he slept in his tent all night long last night! Needless to say...this boy had a great birthday! Thanks for the gifts Daddy and Les and also to Amy to!
One tired little boy...this is kinda dark but this was him at exactly 11:40pm (the time he was born) sleeping in his tent.