Sunday, June 17, 2007

Wax on, Wax off

Dan and Caleb waxed Dan's truck yesterday. Caleb was such a big help...well at least he tried!

After they were done, Dan had a soccer game to go to so I got the kids down for a nap. For some reason it took Caleb and hour and a half to finally fall asleep and then he only slept for 45 minutes. He did the same thing today...I put him down at 2:00 and it is after 3:00 now. He really must not be tired but I know that he needs a nap and I need a break!

Dan won his semi-final game yesterday so he is off to the finals next weekend! Good job guys! I am so bummed that I have only been to two games this year. It's just hard having two kids and trying to keep them content (and Caleb off the field) for the whole game...or even half of he game at that!
For a celebration for Dan winning, he and Caleb played in the pool in the backyard and I cooked spaghetti and meaballs which is one of Dan's fav's and then we had brownies for dessert. We all sat on the patio (even Ariel in her high chair) and ate spaghetti and sipped iced tea. I love the summers!