Sunday, June 17, 2007

Thankful for my life and all that I have

I was reminded on Friday on how precious my children are to me. About a month ago, our church received news that a couple from our home group from a few years ago (whom had moved to North Carolina for a job transfer) lost their baby due to premature labor at 26 weeks. Although that couple was not here for us to love on, it still made me think about how fragile life is.

After the kids and I got home from the pool on Friday afternoon, I had put the kids in bed and then received a phone call from a friend of mine. The news on the other end was devastating. Another couple from the same home group lost their baby at about 25 weeks with no heart beat. The mom had to be induced and then yesterday morning delivered a stillborn child.

I cried on and off all day on Friday and prayed for these couples. I don't understand how God could take such a precious child away from these Godly couples and I really don't think that any of us will ever understand. I do know that God's hands are in it. I have no doubt that God sends us trials and pain in order to get our attention and to turn our eyes toward Him.

Pastor talked this morning about experiencing God's presence. He said that God has torn us, so He can heal us, He has wounded us, so He can bind us, and He has brought us low, so He can raise us up and God's power in us is realized only when is presence is apparant. Pain is God's tool He uses to get us into His presence. I pray that this is what God is doing in these loved one's lives and that they will feel comfort and peace as they heal.