Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Night at the Fair

Last Friday night, we went to Harrison to see Dan's parents and to go to the county fair. They have an awesome fair with lots of animals and rides. It is much better than the Benton and Washington County Fair combined. We had a blast.
Caleb rode on the Helicopter with another little boy who's name was Caleb as well. Our Caleb covered his ears the whole time...not sure why, I guess he though it was loud!

Ariel rode on Daddy's shoulders for a little while so that she could see all the bright lights.

The carousel was Ariel's favorite ride. She wanted to ride on the monkey instead of the horse!

Dan's parents and the kids on the ground when Dan and I were in the Ferris Wheel.

The view of the whole fair from the Ferris Wheel.

Brother and Sister on the four wheeler together.