Friday, September 05, 2008

Reformatting my Computer

It's amazing how much my life revolves around the computer these days. I didn't realize it until my computer got sick. I ended up getting a virus on it somehow and I actually ended up having bugs crawling all over my screen at one was BAD!! So, I took the long process of taking all my photos, my digital work, my music and all of my personal files off of my computer and put them on Dan's laptop. Thankfully he got the laptop a few months ago so I was able to put all my stuff there. It was a long process to get everything off, and then it took a while to get everything back on once the computer was reformatted. But I am so glad to have a clean computer. It runs so much better, especially since it is pushing 6 years old. I even gave Caleb his own login page so that he can play all of his games online now without having to ask me to switch from game to game. He thinks that is pretty cool. He says "This is me and mommy's computer now, not Daddy and Ariel's!"