Friday, June 11, 2010

BUGZ and Caleb's Last Day of Kindergarten

Caleb had his end of the year program at school a few weeks ago and I totally forgot to blog about it!  Dan was able to watch Ariel so I could have a couple hours with Caleb just he and I.  It was so special to see him on stage with all of his classmates for the last time in his kindergarten year.  They did a program called "Bugz" and it was so adorable.  They had props and all and they each got to say a line in the microphone.  Caleb's line was "I think I have a way to help until the smell goes away"...he was referring to a stink bug that was a little stinky!!  He played a praying mantis which he thought was so cool because he prayed a lot and he thought that the praying mantis did too!  Love that boy!  After the program we had a picnic lunch in the classroom with ice cream sundaes and special bug cupcakes included and we were able to watch a slideshow of all the activities that the class had done throughout the year.  I have to admit that I did tear up at the end.  They played the Rascal Flatts Song "My Wish for You" and that just sent me over the edge.  It's strange to see my baby get so big but I am SO proud of him.  He got all pluses on his report card and his over-all behavior was excellent.  We are now on to big things...1st GRADE!!!

Caleb was on the very back row with the praying mantis hat...under the fourt dot from the left on the Bugz sign.
The whole group...this was 3 full kindergarten classes...out of 7!

The had flashlights and sang a song called "Firefly".
All the boys stood and had on their cool blue light up glasses and sang a song.
All the boys standing.
Caleb and I having our picnic lunch.
AWESOME bug cupcakes!
He got a medal from his teacher Mrs. Stamps for being an outstanding student!
Caleb and Mrs. Stamps!
What a happy little praying mantis!

This is going to be one of those things that I will treasure FOREVER!  This is all of Caleb's class holding hands.  Caleb is pretty much in the middle, standing between the girls in the pink and red shirts.   

My handsome boy on his last day of kingergarten!