Sunday, June 20, 2010

Pool Par-tay!

We celebrated Caleb's 6th birthday at local neighborhood pool this was the most relaxed party we have ever had for him! He had most of all his friend show up and we had ice cream cake this year per Caleb's request!
Gavin and Caleb
Caleb and Shelby
Preston, Caleb and Jackson
Visiting with his friends before present and cake time.
Caleb and Shelby playing
Picture of the first set of kids
And a picture of the whole group...minus smaller siblings!
Time to open gifts! 
A sweet card drawn by Malea!
Blowing out the candles!

Jackson and Russell
All going down the slide
Zoey and Cora holding hands in the water...sweet sisters!
Caleb and Jackson going down the slide.
Little diva Ariel!
What an amazing little boy I have!
What a great day!  Happy Birthday Caleb!


The Greenfield Family said...

Love all the new posts Pics look great!

amy smitherman said...

So glad Caleb had such a fun birthday!! I love the family picture in the pool!

Ashley said...

Aww these pictures are so sweet! They turned out great! Looks like they had a blast!!! Kids are so much fun!!!

Big hugs!