Sunday, August 08, 2010

Dallas Trip/ Children's Museum

At the end of June, the kids and I took our annual trip to Dallas.  We stayed for a week and had a blast swimming at the Ranforest Pool, going shopping, hanging with family, and going to the Children's Museum.  Caleb was able to participate in Vacation Bible School at Allison and Debbie's church and met a few friends there and really enjoyed himself. 

We were able to soak up some Great Grandma time!  She loves being with them!
The kids spent several hours playing with this marble contraption!

At the Children's Museum!

Digging for dino bones!
Allison and Ariel making balls float in mid air!
This was one of Caleb's favorite exhibits...anything to do with the weather fascinates him!

Making huge bubbles!

The room of mirrors! 
Learning about germs!
Sitting and watching a movie on the globe about the planet earth.
Ariel doing a puzzle.
Making some music
Playing dress up in her favorite animal costume!

The kids spent a good 30 minutes in this room playing in the water!
A little self esteem boost!

Allison and I at our best!  Wow...thank goodness we are not this short!
Learning some tricks for the family farm!
Playin in the sand!

It is always such a blessing to be able to visit Debbie, Allison, Grandma and all the rest of the family several times a year!  Can't wait until we can do it again!