Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Caleb's First Dentist Appointment

Caleb had his first Dentist appointment on July 21st.  He was so excited!  We went to the pool before hand and had snacks on the way to the dentist office so we of course needed to brush his teeth before he sat in the chair!

About to get x-rays...checkin out the special camera.  Ariel and I had to step out when the took the x-ray but Caleb was completely cool with it!
All smiles!
Ms. Sue let Caleb feel with his hand all of the utensils she was going to use before she put them in his mouth so he would know that they wouldn't hurt him. 

Dr. Drummond examining Caleb...all his tooth looked great!  He has a loose tooth and all of his 6 year molars are in!
Caleb and Ariel both got to ride in the chair!