Sunday, August 22, 2010

Choosing the best option...

I have to brag on my kids a bit.  When the first of the summer started, the kids faught all the time.  We set some ground rules and I basically told them that it was up to them how we celebrated the summer.  Either they could get along and we could have a good attitude and get to do a lot of activies or we could not get along and stay home all the time.   They chose the first option thankfully and for most of the summer they got along so well.  They play SO well that there were several times throughout the day I found that they had played legos or tic-tac-toe or tinker toys for up to an hour or more.  They would do one activity and then put that away and then get something else out to play.  Very rarely did I have to seperate them.  I am so blessed and I thank God daily for my great kids.