Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Spy Games

During the week of July 12-15 we had Adventure Week at our church.  This years theme was called Spy Games.  I am so impressed each year that we have Adventure Week because Jamie (our children's pastor) organizes and originates each years "theme" by himself rather than purchasing a "kit" of the internet.  He comes up with some amazing material!  I think we totaled at about 700 kids this year...grades kindergarten thru 5th.  Since Caleb had kkindergarten behind him, he was able to go this year.  And I was a designated photographer for the week!  I took over 1,000 pictures over the course of 4 evenings.  I took lots of pictures of kids having a great time...lots of smiles and many decisions to accept Christ were made that week!

Caleb and I...I promise he had a good time...just didn't look like it in this picture!
This is where the crafts were done each night.
And the outdoor activies/games. 
This is where worship was held each night.
Each night confetti fell from the ceiling...I think I had confetti all over Caleb's room for a week following Spy Games!