Tuesday, August 10, 2010

How Caleb Rolls!

Caleb got a new bike for his birthday and honestly he wasn't happy with it.  He would have rather used his scooter rather than his bike any day.  Last week he went to Granny's house and accidently left his scooter there.  So, he decided that the reason why he wasn't a fan of his bike was because of the training wheels.  He said that if he took the training wheels off then he would be able to ride better.  Well, I was kinda skeptical!

On Sunday, it was hot...about 98 degrees hot without the heat index.  Dan took the training wheels off, walked behind Caleb and told him how to keep his balance and how to stay "up" on the bike. Next thing ya know...Caleb is doing it on his own!  That's right!  He started riding literally in about the 4th or 5th try!  I was SO PROUD of my boy!  I told him about when I was a little girl and learning to ride my papaw let go of me and I crashed into a tree.  He got so tickled with that story and he thought he was pretty cool about not crashing into anything like I did!

Here's Dan coaching him.

Little intermission with my sweet little blondie...we called her skeeter all last week because of those mosquito bites on her forehead!
And here is he is!  He was proud of himself too!  He said he wanted to be a professional bike rider!
Next step...driving a car!


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