Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas 2006!

Well we had a wonderful Christmas! I can say though that I am glad that the holiday season is almost over. Things get a little hectic when kids are involved but oh man is it so much fun and so worth it!

Dan and Ariel smiling at each other after making cookies in the kitchen
On Sunday, Dan, Caleb, Ariel and I went to church. It was packed there because there was only one service but it was a wonderful sermon. It was great to get the kids dressed in their Christmas clothes and get a few pictures...once again we couldn't get all four of us together but we do what we can!

Sunday evening we let Caleb open one gift and he picked the gift that Aunt Debbie and Allison gave him. It had a Wiggles sing along radio and two Leap Frog books in it. He absolutely loved them! We made Christmas cookies and left them out for Santa and what do ya know, he came and ate all the cookies except for one little crumbly bite and left some presents under the tree for the kids. What fun!

Making Christmas Cookies for SantaCaleb and Ariel on Christmas Day! On Christmas morning we got up and opened all the gifts that we had gotten each other. Of course Caleb had the most gifts out of us all. Ariel got clothes more than anything because she has everything that she can possible need! My mom (Memaw) and Jim came over and had Christmas Brunch with us. We had the traditional Christmas Casserole with cinnamon rolls and ambrosia fruit salad.

Opening his first gift on Christmas morning
Caleb putting together his puzzle from Santa After Memaw and Jim left, Dan and I got things packed to go to Harrison to see Dan's parents. Once we got to their house we had more presents to open and more food to eat. We had ham, baked potatoes, salad and Red Velvet Christmas favorite! Caleb got a sesame street puzzle from his Aunt Amy and he spent about an hour with her putting it together and taking it apart.

On Tuesday evening we went to Dan's Grandmother's house to eat lasagna and open even more gifts and to set up the new computer. Dan's parents bought a brand new computer for themselves for Christmas. The main reason they bought it was to put all the slides that Dan's Grandmother had taken over the years into a digital format to use for slide shows and such. She has thousands of slides that have to be scanned with a special slide scanner and she is going to put her voice to all the slides to explain what was happening in each picture. This is going to be a huge project for her but she is willing to get it done bless her heart! Here is a picture of the kids with her at her house. Here's Caleb snoozing on the way to Granny's house

Caleb and his new John Deere attire for the farm

Working on his puzzle with Aunt Amy

Sitting in Granny's lap

Opening gifts with Granny and GrandadSleep in heavenly peace!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!