Friday, December 01, 2006

Footprints in the Snow

Yesterday it sleeted and snowed all day long and snowed all through the night. Caleb kept on going up to the window and saying "Christmas is coming Mommy". This morning while Ariel was still sleeping I got Caleb all bundled up and he and I went and played in the snow. He found this stick that is his playing with in the picture above and insisted that I write his name in the snow and then he went behind me and scribbled it out with the stick. I guess he didn't like the way I wrote his name!

He also kept on saying that he wanted to build a snowman so here he is trying to make a snowman. The snow is too dry for the snow to stick together but he is persistent.

He wiped the chair on the front porch off for me so I could sit down and watch him play.

Here's the snow monster!!