Friday, December 01, 2006


For Thanksgiving Dan, the kids and I went to Harrison to see the family on Dan's side. We had 15 people there for dinner and there was hardly any food left by the end of the evening! We took a family picture for the first time since our wedding. It was so good to have everyone there.

Granny Phyllis, Uncle Mitch, Aunt Gail, Dan's Mom Rita, Dan's Dad Lynn, Grandmother Quintelle,
Dan's Brother Clint, Cousin Kayla, Amy's boyfriend Orion, Cousin Ryan, Amy, Katie, Ariel, Dan, and Caleb
Dan, Clint and Orion went and played paintball after dinner. Orion came into the living room with his camo on and we tried to get Caleb to sit in his lap since they were both wearing camo.
This is Caleb jumping on the trampoline in Granny's living room. He just loves this thing!
A wonderful picture of Caleb and Ryan swinging. It was in the 70's here on Thanksgiving Day.