Saturday, October 06, 2007

Happy Birthday Ariel!

We had Ariel's birthday Party today. My mom, Jim and Aunt Amy came to help celebrate. She had tons of fun and really enjoyed herself.

Here is the birthday cake...Dan said that we had to have my name put on there as well...hopefully this won't be an every year thing...I would rather her have the cake all to herself!

Singing happy birthday to her...she wasn't sure about the candle!

This was her first reaction of the cake when we put it on her tray...

Sweet cake face!

Licking those lips!

Unwrapping the first gifts...she loved these bows

The little people house that Granny gave her.

My Grandma made this crochet shaw for is so sweet!

My mom got her "My First Babydoll" set and the first thing that she did was give the baby a hug when she got it unwrapped

She had just finished unwrapping this gift...a cute stuffed hippo...that is pink none the less...this is from her Pappa and Gamma.

Aunt Amy went to Bikes, Blues and BBQ last night in Fayetteville and got this adorable T-shirt that says "Born to be Wild" on it!

She had such an exciting day that she went to bed early tonight...must have been a sugar crash from all that cake she ate!


Rachel said...

That shawl is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!