Sunday, October 14, 2007

Patricia's Wedding

I got in from Little Rock and Benton at 5:00 Yesterday evening. Just enough time to watch the kids eat a little dinner and then get them ready to go to church so that Dan and I could go to our connection group meeting. I had a great trip. I saw tons of people from all over.

On Friday night (I got to Little Rock at 6:45) Patricia and her sister Laura's Dad had tons of people over to his house for a pre wedding dinner. There were seriously about 60 plus people there. It was so good to see faces that I hadn't seen since childhood. I saw a few people from junior high there, a few people from my high school, and then a lot of people whom I remember from childhood when I would hang out with Patricia so much. Then at around 9:00 I headed to Benton and stayed the night with my best friend from high school, Shannon and her husband Clay. We were up until 1:00 playing much fun!

On Saturday I got up and went to visit my boyfriend from high school (Randy) and his wife (Amber) and finally got to meet their son (Ethan). Over the years Randy and I have kept in touch and his wife actually blogs and that is how we keep in touch now. They are such a great couple and we have so much in common. It was great seeing them!

I had lunch with Shannon and her mom that afternoon and then we went and looked at Shannon's mom's new house.

The Wedding was at 6:00 at the Manor House in Little Rock so Shannon and I went home and got ready and then headed to the wedding. Before the wedding started I was able to go see Patricia. She took my breath away and I tried to hold back the tears. The Ceremony was outside in a little courtyard at the Manor House, the perfect setting for her. After the Ceremony, the Reception was held at the Union Station on Markham. It was a perfect evening. I was sad to say goodbye to her that night because I didn't know when I would see her again.

On Sunday, I went and ate an early lunch with Shannon and Clay and then Patricia called and said that she wanted to see me one more time before we both parted ways again so I went to her dad's house and met up with her and Brian again.

It was so good to have the weekend to myself. Dan was so wonderful to keep the kids for me so that I could visit my friends. Makes me really miss being a kid when I think of all the momories that I have had. Makes me feel old, too!


Mandy said...

Hey girl! Your slide show isn't working....just thought I'd let you know since you probably wouldn't have checked it. :)

Unknown said...

Nice blogging! Great to see pics, because the photographer hasn't put any up yet. Thanks again for coming!!