Friday, December 21, 2007

Boys will be boys!

Today Leah Mitchell called and invited Caleb, Ariel and I the park with her and Will. The park was literally down the street from us (which I had no idea about). It was great to be able to get the kids out to play. It was a tad bit windy but the kids still had a great time...especially since there were no other kids there to get in the way! We stayed at the park for about an hour and then I invited Leah and Will over to have lunch with us. We let the boys play and we ordered take out from Tater Patch and had chicken tenders and sandwiches. Here are a few pictures of the boys playing...they had SO much fun...I am sure that they will both take good naps today!

Precious Boys!

Super Heroes in their capes (I don't think Will was quite ready to be a super hero yet!) They were wearing aprons by the way!

"What's under the couch?"

"Come on Will!"