Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ariel's 15 month appointment

Ariel had her 15 month appointment today. She weighed 20lbs, 14oz (25th percentile) and her length was 30 and a half inches (50th percentile). She has an infection in both ears so the dr. gave her a perscription of amoxicillin (second round in her life) and hopefully she will start feeling better. She has been so cranky and fussy the past few days...she has even been crying herself to sleep during her naps and at bed time...which is unlike her.


Daddy_Wayne said...

I'm praying for healing in the ears. We went through that when Cayle was not even a year old. He had atleast 3 ear infections. All were due to teething(sp?). He started teething at 3 months, and had all but molars(sp?) before his first B-day. I'll see how she's doing in a few days.


Traci Fritz said...

Ava is now 21 months and she still wieghs less than Ariel! My kid is so shrimpy!