Monday, January 07, 2008

Charlie Du Bo's Funeral

Yes, unfortunately Charlie Du Bo passed away today. I looked in the tank as Caleb and I were feeding him earlier and he was hemorrhaging. Poor thing. I explained to Caleb that Charlie was sick and he immediately said, "Well we'll just have to get another fish!" Guess it was a good thing that he wasn't too attatched. I explained to him that Jesus was going to take the fish away and in the morning Charlie may not be there. Caleb seemed ok with the that idea. I didn't want him to see me actually flush the poor thing down the toilet...he may start thinking that fish can jump out of the toilet while he is using the bathroom or something silly like that! So I went upstairs and got Charlie out of the tank and flushed him after Caleb had fallen asleep. Good bye Charlie...guess I will be getting my money back and getting Caleb another fish this week!


Rachel said...

aww poor Charlie :)