Monday, January 07, 2008

Weird Weather

We have had tornado warnings all night because of this crazy warm weather that we have been having. One rotation cell apparently went right over us and as I was sitting here at the computer watching the radar on, nothing was happening. It wasn't even raining outside. It was pretty scary. Of course I had just put Ariel down to bed so when the first round of sirens went off I went immediately to go get her out of her crib. She was not happy that I had woken her up. We had a pallet made in the utility room of couch cushions and some blankets. I tried to lay down with her on the floor but she was so upset with me. She cried on and off the whole time and then as soon as the last cell of storms had passed, Dan put her in her crib and she went straight to sleep. We still have a long line of storms that are just northwest of us now, I hope they stay up there and don't come south! Usually we don't have this type of weather until March. The low tomorrow night is supposed to be 29 and the high today was around 65 or higher! Needless to say I will be up for quite a while watching these storms!