Wednesday, February 09, 2011


Last week we got freezing rain, sleet and then snow. That all accumulated to about 6" or so. We thought that was a lot for us! Since that last snow, we all have been watching the skies and our emptying pantries while the weather men on the news predicted about 3-5 inches again over night last night. I think the snow started a little bit after midnight and when we all got up this morning there was already 10 inches on the ground. The weather men were obviously wrong! These pictures were taken this morning at around 10:00 and there was about 16" on the ground then. They are calling for about an inch to fall each hour until 3:00. It is craziness I tell ya. The first time Arkansas has seen this much snow in 80-90 years! Just heard that I-540 was closed from Alma to Bentonville.  I will post more pictures later!

This was just under our front porch, pictures don't do this amount justice!

There is a child's size picnic table under all that snow!
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