Friday, July 06, 2007

MONDAY...June 25

This was the pool day. We went to the local city pool and it was an amazing place to play. They had a kid pool that had water guns, sprinklers, water slides, foutains and it even had a huge barrel that sat on top of one of the towers that would fill up with water and then when it got full it would spill all over the kids area. We packed a picnic lunch and even though there were clouds in the sky we decided to go anyway. We were there for only 30 min or so and then the sky grew extremely dark and it started pouring on all of us. Debbie scooped Ariel into her arms and took cover while Allison and I tried to get all our belongings into the stroller and placed Caleb on top. We all ran for cover in the entrance area which wasn't very big...especially when you have a hundred or so people in there with you. Alot of the people that were in the entrance area left and we decided to wait and see if it would clear off so we could go back in a swim. A girl said that we could leave and come back after the rain had stopped so we went to a covered park and ate our lunch there and then we were able to swim again. Caleb loved shooting the waterguns and going down the water slide. We did it non stop for about two hours.

Ariel and Debbie poolside

waiting for the rain to stop

shooting waterguns (he is in the red shorts)

going down the water slide

After the pool we came home, put the kids down for a nap and then took showers. My cousin Laura has been a manager at The Blackeyed Pea for nearly ten years so she invited us and Grandma to come and join us for dinner.

The kids and I

The girl cousins (Laura, Allison and I)

Family shot