Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Texas Trip

FRIDAY...June 22
Caleb, Ariel and I hit the road at 6am to head to Dallas. The kids did amazingly well and we got to my Aunt Debbie and Allison's house at 12:00 noon. As soon as we got there we ate lunch and then unpacked and rested a while. Caleb refused to take a nap...and he didn't even take a nap in the car (this is where the sleeping pattern got off track!) Late in the afternoon my Grandma came over. She played Hi Ho Cherry O with Caleb and Allison played Candy Land with him. It took him a while to catch on but after a while he got the hang of board games. We had pizza for dinner. Allison and Debbie had to teach VBS so they went to church. I put the kids down for the night and then I visited with my Grandma for about 2 hours and then we both went to bed.

Caleb and Grandma playing Hi Ho Cherry O

Ariel and cousin Allison

Caleb playing Hi Ho Cherry O