Saturday, July 07, 2007

SUNDAY...July 1
Allison had decided that she wanted to go home with me for a couple days and I was so delighted to have her! We went to my annual family reunioin in Beaton, AR together. It was a 4 hour trip there and she was so much help with the kids. Once we got there, we visited with family and ate lunch. It started to rain so we all ended up leaving a little sooner than normal. Dan and my mom drove down from Bentonville together and I was able to ride with my mom on the way home. It was nearly a 4 hour drive home. Dan, Allison and kids rode together in the Van. When we got home, I saw all the work that Dan did on the house when I was gone and I was completely amazed. He layed tile in the dining room, refinished all the hardwood floors, stained all the trim in the living room, finished the columns, and did a lot of touch up paint. One more step to being done.